Problems with essential oils

sola sisters

The above websites ,one from a christian viewpoint and one from a distributor of  one major suppliers of oil should contain enough info to cause a Christian to begin to ask question to the Lord. Please note the new age practices here.These oils are given credit for doing things that only the Holy Spirit can do. They are witchcraft potions in disguise.All the witchcraft supply houses online use these oils. The enemy celebrates and exploits the ignorance of the church. I know many people are not happy with much of modern medicine . This is not the answer Church. These are addicting(if you don’t believe this just quit for a month). and we have done multiple deliverance with god’s people who fell for this snare. The other major brand has Mormon roots which means the makers serve a different God. Consider repentance and deliverance and receive peace,love,joy,hope ,courage,strength,courage,valor etc etc from the Holy Spirit.

Presented with Love and Hope in Jesus

More on Tattoos

Child of God.  This website is blunt. The tone is hard but the truth is here. Just like sexual sin you can be cleansed.

Please receive it with the love that is given.

Should you want cleansing and deliverance deliverance go to battle prayers and see Tattoo Renunciation.